While we have responded to thousands of emergency calls for fire, vehicle and boat accidents, water and mountain rescue as well as medical assists over the past 70 years, our ability to continue these invaluable services is in serious jeopardy. Our membership is ageing and every year several members retire from active duty. With a severe decline in new membership, the future of the North Queensbury Volunteer Fire Company is of dire concern.

We therefore ask you, your family members, friends and neighbors for your help. Consider supporting your community and its emergency services by becoming a member of the North Queensbury Volunteer Fire Company. While new members wishing to train as firefighters is certainly a priority, there are many other non-firefighting opportunities available for both men and women.

These include positions in administrative support including secretarial, data entry, communications, finance and even event planning. Other opportunities to help include drivers, building and grounds maintenance or even equipment maintenance.

Benefits of membership are wide-ranging; from the gratification of helping your community, the comradeship of the fire service, the opportunity for free training to gain skills that can be used in everyday life or even lead to a paid position as a firefighter or medical technician.

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Posted: 7/16/2018

North Queensbury Volunteer Fire Co.

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